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Top 10 Hottest New Pornstars 2012

Best New Pornstar Adrianna Luna

Sexy, naughty, bitchy, sultry, and many more assets are present in the Pornstars of today’s world. Presenting to you the newest breed of the topmost Pornstars in the world, TOP 10 PORN brought the digitalized version of the enigmatic presence of these beauties. There are surely many new Pornstars in the biz but this ten are the hottest new Pornstars of 2012. You will creed for more after seeing this list and knowing the world of Pornstars up-close and personal. Beginning with rank 10 you will know the Best Newcomers in Pornstar World.


10) Alex Chance

Alex Chance big titsReigning at number 10 spot is the hottest diva in action with her big tits to ponder over you, Alex Chance. Hailing from Virginia Beach, this sexy blonde is all about action and making it pleasurable for you. When you see her, the first thing you will notice is her 34DDD breasts. Huge as they are they go perfectly with the belle figure of this stunning beauty. Making a mark in the porn industry is quite a task in today’s world. Almost all the girls having a great body are trying to be the next Pornstar in line. Alex Chance doesn’t give you any chance to take your eyes off her. Being as sultry and sexy one can be, her personal preferences includes sex toys and fleshlight in particular.

Alex Chance is seeing the best future in the industry with her already strong panache ruling in the porn world. With more than 50 movies under her belt, she has her name associated with some of the greatest gainers in the porn industry. Some of the names include Evil Angel, Reality King, Immoral Productions, Lethal Hardcore, and Vince Vouyer. When you talk about her preference in diet, she says she is fond of eating healthy food and mainly includes cucumber in her food. Yeah! In her food you got it right. Asked about Fleshlight, she says it has arrived as a wonderful tool or can say the perfect replacement for people looking for pleasure. Sex like never before is offered through it and then you don’t have a chance to forget the fleshlight.

Voted as the hottest new pornstar at number 10, Alex Chance is not declining her suave presence in anyways. Presenting a scintillating and soothing effect for everyone, Alex Chance finds the most credential spot of them all in the pornstar listing.

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9) Mollie Bennett

Mollie Benett in High HeelsPeople who thought that an adult actress could not achieve a hot spot in this newcomer category have never thought about Mollie Bennett. Hailing from Norway, Mollie Bennett is the hottest adult actress with panache in the porn world. She started last year with an attempt to become the hottest adult actress to step into the porn world with exclusive shot scenes. She started really early as she is only 18 years old. This shows her interest in the porn world from the beginning. Making remarkable entry, she makes her place secure at number 9 spot in the hottest newcomer in the porn world. Night Moves Awards showcased Mollie Bennett as one of the rising superstar of the porn world. There is something that makes a pornstar different in all senses. When Mollie Bennett is in concern, you have much more than just raw porn. Style and sensuality is filled in all respect with panache. She is also known as Mia Jemsen with long blonde locks and standing 5ft 8in tall, she is a stunner in all respect. The best thing about Mollie is that she is ready for any kind of performance when asked for. One of the favorites of camera person, she finds herself at ease with everyone.

Having the natural adult porn talent vested inside, Mollie Bennett is outstanding in what she does. With more than hundreds of movies to her name, Mollie Bennett makes her presence felt in best ways in the porn world. She has achieved the 9th spot in the listing and made her genuine comeback after a year long in the industry. Mollie says, “This has been a fresh vibrant beginning for me. I feel like a virgin again who is ready to get laid”.

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8) Riley Reid

Riley ReidFeel like plucking a flower from a bunch of roses when you have Riley Reid on the block. Been the sexiest slobber knocker of them all, she has a natural Irish accent. She is a combined product of Puerto Rico and also being a Dominican she knows how to cope up with the sex factor. She began her career in the porn world by the name of Paige Riley a year ago. This much time is enough for her to prove her mettle in the industry. Being the self-proclaimed sex machine of all time, she has a deep enthusiasm for sexual acts. When asked about her favorite scenes, she often tells about her drilling with BDSM massive acts. This attracted all the producers in line who signed her and continue to do so with panache.

Talking about her assets, the first entity that you will notice is her green eyes. With small tits and redhead attitude Riley is a petite teen girl looking for hot sexual pleasure. Satisfying her is quite a tough task as many have tried in AM Kingdom’s debut mega film “Revenge of the Petites”. One of her most striking assets is her Kanji tattoo that goes down at her spine area. She has started early and has seen quite a lot till now for holding the valid position of number 8 in the listing of hottest newcomers in the industry. Asked about her experience in being in the list of newcomers she says, “I don’t know how people rate me but I know this for sure that I can very well raise their body temperature if they are only with me”. Being confident on the verge of acting career in the porn industry, Riley Reid makes a sensational entourage from the friendly domiciles of adult grounds.

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7) Leilani Leeane

Leilani LeeaneMaking your dreams turn into reality is a tough call for many but when it comes to Leilani Leeane, she makes it reality. Being half Puerto Rican and half Filipino, Leilani Leeane has made her graduation dream come true. Always wanted to become a pornstar from young age, she is fascinated by the world. Being a black beauty, she knew what it took to be the hardcore bombshell. Her eyes will make you feel the lust love and passion for sex. This is the reason why she stands tall on the lucky number 7 spot on the list of hottest newcomers in the adult world. She always wanted two primary things in her life. One is name and other is attention. She got it both when she became the hottest black newcomer on the bandwagon. She came with a bang but has now solidified her ways to normalized junction. Leilani Leeane is not in a hurry and here to stay for a long time. She believes in going with the flow and not setting any goals yet in the industry.

This is her way of exploring the world of porn and gaining a valid existence. She has been seen earlier in Brazzers.com and has a solid fan following. Her carnations and curves are something to look out for. You can drool over this damsel and create your own winning story of the night. Gaining the 7th rank in our Top 10 hottest new Pornstars for this year, Leilani Leeane is all set to touch higher limitations is also necessary. The stunning black beauty stands tall at 5ft 6in and other than that everything is based on your multiple choice scenarios. Being a pornstar is what she always wanted and being half Filipino means she already has the oomph factor. She rules the chart on number 7 with elegance and style.

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6) Maddy O’Reilly

Maddy OReillySex in the city with the hottest body you can ever imagine. Maddy O’Reilly is all about hotness personified. With cute sexy brown hairs, along with one of the most attractive body in the porn world, Maddy O’Reilly is a supercilious babe. Her tight pussy and petite actions make it happen along with her nicely shaped ass. Being a supermodel lover, Maddy O’Reilly has maintained herself in a manner that you will feel you are present with one of the hottest supermodels in town. Though she has been in the porn world for quite a long time but entering the pornstar genre has been the most beneficial aspect for her. Love her or lust for her, Maddy O’Reilly can turn you on just like she sizzles on number 6 of the hottest divas on the newcomers list of Pornstars.

Adult acting is her first love and along with that she has made it big from the beginning only. Being a starlet facet of the porn world, Maddy O’Reilly makes it extreme with her impressive acting. Some of the most attractive assets for her include her seductive tattoos which are present on her belly, navel, and lower back. Along with that, her piercing makes it even sexier. When asked about her love for porn world she said, “It’s not a loving thing for me but I need to do it to live happily. I don’t know how to live without porn and would continue to deliver my best to give you the best of Maddy O’Reilly”. This confidence has put her up-close and personal on number 6 of the hottest newcomers in the porn world. Being nominated to the newest breed of Pornstars, Maddy O’Reilly is really happy with her hotspot and would try to get the top spot soon in coming years.

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5) Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers Ass and FeetRoger That! Whenever you will say this line then you will remember Jessie Rogers. Entering the world of hottest new adult starlets, Jessie Rogers is the raising seductive queen from Brazil. She has her cult invested in the porn industry like no other girl has been able to do in a time span of only a year. Just bring a camera and she will strip down for you with her amazing body shots and scintillating enigma. Porn is in her blood as she raises above the topmost production houses in the Adult World. One of the top names in this is Wicked entertainment. You don’t need to teach her any moves, she is naturally having the best positions to entertain your sex drive and shoot some great sex scenes.

Jessie Rogers is now a brand name almost and since it is only been a year since she has been here, she gets at number 5 position in the list of best new Pornstars. Currently, she has more than 100 scenes to her name and surely looking forward for a lot more in coming years. Jessie Rogers dazzles the screen with her hot sexy curvy body and wants to proceed forward in mainstream acting. Though she is very friendly but all the other starlets know about her skills and see her making her moves. Guys drool over her and she is a fantasy for lesbians in the business. Adult acting has been her only interest as she says, “I have never thought of doing this but once I started, I never wanted to do anything else except this”. Fucking like a pro with grace, Jessie Rogers tops the chart with her enigmatic presence and deserves a spot higher in coming years with more moves, more movies, and more of Jessie Rogers.

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4) Cassandra Nix

Cassandra NixYou are sexy and you know it! Surely you are talking about the sexy, chirpy, and great on bed, Cassandra Nix. Born in Ohio, she has the cowgirl attitude in blood which shows on bed and in her moves as well. Known to be a leader on bed , Cassandra Nix porn scenes get overwhelming response from the adult movies lovers. The moves that Cassandra Nix does on bed give her a very well image in the adult dimension. Getting laid tonight? You can surely think about Cassandra Nix and her sexy scintillating moves. Gaining a top spot on the entry list has always been her dream. Getting at number 4 in the hot new starlets this season has made her a proud enrolment in the adult industry. You won’t get enough of Cassandra Nix when you see her moving and would always want something more. Giving only a year to this industry, Cassandra Nix has managed to survive due to her versatile working style.

Ethics are important to survive in business or anywhere. Cassandra Nix doesn’t mixes up her ethics with pleasure and is faithful to the core regarding her work. When asked about her experience in the porn world she says, “It is home for me and I never felt like I am going on work today. Yes there have been stages where you really had to fuck up to get a niche in the industry but I am grateful to my fans and lovers who have made me this princess that I am today”. Due to her popularity on screen, she was nominated in the Night Moves Awards and received the 4th position. Worked with top names like Jules Jordan Video, Filly Films, Lethal Hardcore, and Evil Angels, Cassandra Nix is all set to take her career into new heights in coming years.

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Top 3 Hottest New Pornstars 2012


3) Allie James

Allie JamesWhen you have started to have fun in adult world recently, then you must have heard the name Mallory Fox. This blonde babe beauty dazzled every screen she came on. Not many know that her real name is Allie James and she just entered a year back ago in the porn industry. Allie James reigns supreme on the hottest number 3 spot in the Night Moves Awards for the new starlets in the porn world. Coming from America, she has many blockbusters under her belle. With one of the sexiest bodies in the business, this beauty believes in being barely legal in all her illegal moves on bed. Naughty America’s most loved starlet and pampered sweetheart of all, Allie James has come a long way in the industry with her links.

Under her name, some of the biggest production houses come with famous scenes such as Barely Legal 128, Amateur Assaults 2, Couples Seduce Teens 21 and many more. Allie James says about herself, “I am a farm girl and don’t know much about the moves that professionals have in this field but I am grateful to my fans and my fucked up peeps who have supported me in all my scenes where I had great experiences”. Her adult career is getting huge and with time she is getting recognition along with success. The best part is that she is just 19 years old. Don’t be surprised as most of the topmost adult starlets are young and sexy. Allie James stands apart with her beautiful nature, eased up working genre and deigned for pleasure distinctively in the world of Pornstars. There is a lot more in future to hold for Allie James and hope she gets to the top spot in coming years at TOP 10 PORN and many other arsenals.

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2) Tessa Lane

Tessa Lane in High HeelsWhen she started in the porn industry, no one believed that she would make it here. Since she was a waitress and a complete unknown to his world, Tessa Lane never got to know about her assets that she possessed. Finally, a year back ago she made the impact on the porn world and in a way that even professionals were not able to handle the hotness brought by her. Tessa Lane left her waitress job to be the hottest sultry and stunning girl next door of the porn world. Adult film industry also welcomed her whole heartedly and then there was no looking back for Tessa Lane.

When asked about her reason of leaving her job and coming to this world she said, “I always fantasized about sex and porn was all there in my mind. I thought of doing something good with it rather than just getting laid. Porn world welcomed me and I felt great whenever I started my journey in this world”. Today she is an icon in the porn world and her looks are just out of this world. Her tight petite body and appetite for sex has made her urge for more and people desire for more of Tessa Lane. This year she has been most consistent in delivering a positive response on the box-office of adult movies. Gaining access to more than thousands of households in the world, Tessa Lane has naturally big tits and a sexy ass to make you drool over her. Securing the 2nd position in Night Moves Awards for Newcomer Starlets she says, “I am highly honored to receive such a great response and love from my fans. My love will always be yours and I would continue to sex it up for you in style in coming years with my moves and movies”.

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1) Adriana Luna

Adrianna LunaFinally, the countdown comes to an end as we reach to our winner in the Hottest New Pornstars List with Adriana Luna. Her journey is not new in the porn world and she is the most experienced starlet of them all present here. Starting her career in March 2011, she thrilled the world with her super sexy Latina figure. Securing first rank was evident for Adriana Luna as she was the favorite of all from the moment she arrived to the world of adult movies.

Adriana Luna says, “I just have fun and want the same for you people. I hope that my movies keep on entertaining you just as I will keep on rocking your world”. With this she signs off from the Night Moves Awards Ceremony taking her 1st rank award with her. Some of the most calibrated artists in the porn industry, Adriana Luna is not only about hot body and sexy face. Being a starlet from 2011, she has managed to take on the porn world with her new moves and kept a fresh domicile of her own. She believes in delivering something new every time she comes in front of the camera. Her famous back pose showcasing her sexy ass will make you feel like king of the world. Adriana Luna is combination of talent along with assets. You can feel her intensity and amazing aura whenever she comes on screen. People who have worked with her love her and others want to shoot her. After achieving the first rank in the hottest newcomer she says, “Though I have been here for quite a long time but it feels good to feel like a virgin on stage that is going to get drilled tonight. Cheers to all”. With her amazing style and ethnic aura, Adriana Luna wins over the Hottest Divas in the Porn world.

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