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Top 10 Best Latina Pornstars

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772Spice is the necessary ingredient of life that needs to be added in style and sync. Adult business is taking new height and presenting a plethora of glorifying choices for you. Among them, Latina Pornstars are coming up as one of the primary facets for the industry. Adding the spice to the adult world, Latina genre includes some of the most stunning beauties who are trying to make a name in the adult world. Surely with features like that and a domicile so strong, they don’t need to try so hard. Adding the zing, these young hottest chicks from the Latina grade induces some of the stunners in the adult porn industry. Here are our Top 10 Best Latina Pornstars:


10) Angelina Castro

Aneglina CastroWho said that Pornstars are all of the same kind and do the same business? When it comes to Angelina Castro, she likes to bend it like a professional right from the beginning with her personal touch. Being a Cuban American, she knows how to showcase her best assets. Being interested into politics, she finally decided to be true to her choices and preferences and be the ultimate dynamic pornstar of the adult world. With time, she has managed to grasp some of the best things in the industry and made a mark there.

Some of the big names in the industry have been associated with Angelina Castro. These include Bang Bros, Elegant Angel, Naughty America, Reality Kings, and her very own production banner. All this and more in the list of her long career run has achieved a spot at number 10 of the Top 10 Latina Pornstars list. With her big boobs and cute face, she makes your desires come true. Her looks include the cuteness from Cuban genes and authenticity of a true American. Overall, Angelina Castro reaches heights with her positive attitude towards the industry. When asked about her achievements in life, she says, “I never thought of doing something small from the beginning. My dreams were big just like my tits and they still want more grabbing and cuddling just like my desires to reach the topmost position in the porn world. But for now I am enjoying my time here”. When asked about her rivals in the Latina world of porn she said that it doesn’t matter to her as they are all a par of the same community and help each other to survive in this world. With a bright future ahead and amazing projects lined up for Angelina Castro, she valiantly captures the number 10 spot in the list of the hottest Latinas of all time.

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9) Francesca Le

Francesca LeMILF breed is considered as one of the most wanted genres in the adult world. This is simply because they have spent more years in the industry along with having the right kind of moves to make you drool over. Someone like Francesca Le who manages to hold the industry since 1990 has come along as the hottest Latina MILF with amazing moves. Francesca Le has started early and after 4 years of work, she also took a long six years break from 1994 till 2000. Entering the adult world back, she never stopped and achieved rarest success in terms of Latina MILF genre. Being dirty in front of the camera is natural for her. She can suck like no other girl can and can give you the hottest interracial you could ever imagine. Many believe that Francesca Le was missing a lot of things after her comeback and lost her touch but she shut down all these holes by achieving 2005 AVN Awards. After that, she won 2006 XRCO and 2011 CAVR Hall of Fame for MILF. This completed her achievements journey which is still continuing and looking for more acclamation.

Francesca Le introduced the Latina style of passion and style back in 1990. Known as one of the torch bearers for Latina genre in the porn world, Francesca Le gets all the respect from fellow Pornstars. Being a guide to newcomers in the porn world she says to all, “Personally, I have seen everything and still exploring all the hot studs out there. I would love to give more years to the industry as sex is something I can’t get out of me. Along with that, if I can help some bitches to lick well then why not? I am game for them and would teach these bitches to be my bitch”.

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8) Brigette B

Brigette BYear 2008 marks the beginning of another hot Latina into the adult world. Brigette B stared at the reigning Pornstars in the industry when she was young and always wanted to share that space. Miraculously, she did it on her own terms. Starting her journey as a stripper since she was in Ohio State University, Brigette B never looked back after that. She wanted to make it big and she made it huge with big names in the porn world like Wicked, Vivid, Naughty America, Playground, and Hustler. Recently, she won 2012 AVN Award for best unsung starlet of the year. Continuing her glorified entry, she wants to do more roles and extend her reach in the world of adult film division.

Brigette B is known as the Spanish Doll and not many people know that she is one of the earliest people to start a new trend for Latina lovers. Loves to lag on a full hand, Brigette B likes hardcore sex acts. She prefers to be on the top and according to her sex is just a passion you fulfill to get the spiciest stuff of life. In her words she says, “I may have done a lot of sex scenes but my journey and craving never ends which lets me screw every time I am on screen. I just love the camera on me and would love to do anything for it”. According to critics in the adult business Brigette B is one of the largest players that will go a long way. She has all the best dealings regarding her projects and some of the biggest banners are already making her the princess. She makes her way to number 8 on the hottest best Latina list of Pornstars.

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7) Abella Anderson

Abella AndersonAdding the extra spice in a very soothing way with her smile is Abella Anderson from the Latina Pornstar division. She is a stunner when it comes to beauty and assets. Don’t be fooled out by her deceptive looks as she may look petite new to the adult world but she is working since 2007 in this industry. Being an enormous lover of sex, Abella Anderson loves to suck in a way no one has been able to do. Many consider her a superstar of the Pornstar world and that’s what puts her in number 7 position. Abella Anderson eats your desires and makes it hers. When asked about her journey in the porn world she says, “I am much more about action than words. I love to show my body in front of the camera and love my fans to give me back that love in huge ways just like my boobs”. She likes to get involved with new guys in the industry and some of her favorite ones in the industry include her movie scenes co-stars. Abella Anderson is all about hot action and more passion on screen.

Abella Anderson is one of the rarest Latinas who has managed to make it on her own in the industry. With big names attached to her in the Latina porn world, Abella Anderson is more about the way she does things on her own. Being a nature lover, she enjoys her work in outdoors more than closed rooms. Her movie scenes includes hardcore, interracial, amateur, and many more aspects and shades. Being able to grasp some good characters in movies, she wants to move ahead with her enormous talent and of course her enormous breasts popping out in every scene. Abella Anderson is the stunner from Latina Division right at lucky number 7 on the hotspot list of Best Latina Pornstars.

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6) Gabby Quinteros

Gabby QuinterosWhen you talk about this Latina hottie then you simply cannot resist seeing her picture and stop reading about her. Gabby Quinteros is proudly on the number 6 position of the hottest Latina Pornstar division and is much more than what you see. Her scenes are considered one of the hottest and wildest in the industry. With raw passion and huge appetite for sex, Gabby Quinteros is a hot babe with sexy body and great assets. Reason why you cannot remove your eyes from her is the perfect combination of beauty with sexy encounters. When you see Gabby Quinteros, the first thing you will notice is her sexy seductive and naughty smile. She started from MySpace and today is a proud MILF which is extremely stunning as she looks petite.

Gabby Quinteros marks adult acting as her hobby and loves girls like she does boys. Sex toys are her preference to make a stunning body shape and fill her pussy all the time. Maintaining her body, she has perfectly rounded tits and a hot base to say the least. Looking at her ass, you will just jerk off as many others do. When it comes to sucking cocks, Gabby Quinteros is a pro and gets dirty like no other pornstar. She likes to be a slut and show it proudly in front of all. With a distinctive body tattoo style and plated bleach tresses, Gabby Quinteros makes the Latina division proud of her famous yet simplest attitude. When asked about her success mantra she says, “I just like to have my own fun and in the process there are people who love me because for what I am. Thanking all my fans, I would like to show many more facets of mine and fuck forever”. Gabby Quinteros reigns supreme at number 6 on the list of hottest Latinas.

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5) Selena Rose

Selena RoseThere are Pornstars pouring in the adult industry to make a name for themselves and the industry welcomes all with a huge heart and sex platform to fuck the way they want. Selena Rose always wanted to become a pornstar and this is what makes her one of the hottest Latinas in the list. Being only 22 years of age, she sets a new record in the world of Latina hotties. Breaking the cult that only MILF from Latina division can make it huge, Selena Rose is petite and beautiful and courageous enough to handle the pressure and jerk it off. Also known as her screen name, Sasha, she is dynamite in a small package. She is one of those rarest beauties who maintain a perfect hourglass figure with size 36-24-36.

Selena Rose hails from Latina division and though she enters the world in 2010, but she fucks and sucks like a professional. Making her every move correct in the porn world when asked about her experience in the porn world she says, “I never loved anything more than this industry. It’s not only my fantasy but my passion to be in front of the camera and enjoy myself. Getting dirty is my natural thing as I never got rid of it since my high school days and that makes me a student with great marks as well. Now you know me better than my dean in college”. Selena Rose got huge response from the Latina division and this made her more enthusiastic to work in the porn world. Being just 22, she has made it huge and there is surely lot more things lined up just for her than just hot sex. Making a proud entry on number 5 in our Best Latina Pornstars List, Selena Rose rides well than the rest and has a long journey ahead in life.

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4) Yurizan Beltran

Who thought that one day you will be talking about a web star that made it a hobby to be at the hottest list of Pornstars from the Latina division. Yurizan Beltran makes it real and hails at number 4 on the list of hottest divas present in the Latina porn world. Yuri started very young and without the help of anyone. She made her own website in year 2005 and started to enjoy the porn world better than any professional does. Finally, in 2010 after 5 long years of working outside the industry she entered the adult division with pride. Carving out an ecstatic body with a unique style, this beauty completes your need of getting everything that a guy wants. Don’t blame yourself if you love her when you meet her as her beautiful smile will make you go gaga over her. Apparently, her smile is more deceptive than her appetite for sex.

Yurizan Beltran was the name in every household who had their touch in the Latina porn world. She introduced her gimmick over the net and proudly shows her assets with her beautiful smile. If you thought that this was just for fun then you surely don’t know about her achievements. From 2009, she has won 3 different awards consecutively and looks out for grabbing the same this year. Year 2009 AVN, 2010 XBIZ, and 2011 AVN award again in a different division. Recently, she rest assured her barrage with 2012 AVN Award for best unsung starlet award. Today, Yurizan Beltran is all about herself and talking about her journey she recalls, “I don’t remember exactly when I started falling in love with this world. I am surely crazy about it and love to just get naked with style in front of the camera. More than that, I am thankful for the enormous love and support shown by people to this hottest Latina of their dreams”.

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Top 3 Best Latina Pornstars

3) Nikki Delano

Nikki DelanoWhen sky is the limit for your dreams then you couldn’t stop in midway and that’s what Nikki Delano is all about. Being a Latina pornstar, she always wanted to make her name big in the industry. With many peeps in this line, she managed to make her way and today she stands tall at number 3rd position of the hottest divas in the Latina division of porn world. Nikki Delano is a known name in the porn world today. The moves she does and the style she possesses is incomparable to any other Pornstar. She is an ass star as her anal scenes are more famous than any other Pornstar in the Latina division. Her ass is not the only thing you can drool over. She is an absolute stunner and has the Midas touch when it comes to acting on screen. She has a natural swing for sex and likes to play with sex toys in her free time.

On screen or off screen, Nikki Delano has a great appetite for sex. Ask about her partners in crime and she says, “I don’t care whom I fuck but surely that guy is a lucky one to handle my body the way I want. I like to fill my holes and reach my extremities the best possible manner. Porn world has been sweet and I am adding the spice to this sweetness”. Nikki Delano has the looks of a supermodel and her pink pussy will make you feel like you are looking at a virgin who loves to get screwed. She has the flexibility with valid reasons as she was a gymnast and professional exotic dancer in hr previous days of career. Nikki Delano entered the porn biz with a thought that she will never leave it and precisely there is no reason for her to leave. Nikki Delano grabs the top 3 spot this year in the Latina Pornstars division with pride.

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2) Ann Marie Rios

Ann Marie RiosVeterans are known for their experience in the industry and the kind of pleasure they bring on screen. Ann Marie Rios is all about veteran cult in the Latina Porn Industry. Giving 11 long years to this industry, a decade long triumph is achieved by Ann Marie and all this is possible due to her amazing ways of handling the world. Looking just as fresh as she entered the porn biz in 2001, Ann Marie Rios started her career at the age of 19. Studying in Van Mar School of Acting, she possesses natural acting skills from day 1 she entered into the porn world. Her Latin domicile added more spice to her profile and made her famous. The best thing about Ann Marie Rios is the way she carries herself and presents her body in front of the camera. Being an absolute stunner, she has a very charming and attractive face. Nobody can resist themselves in loving her at first look. She is sweet, cute, sexy, stunning and outrageous all at the same time.

Ann Marie Rios has given many years to the industry with more than 300 movies under her belt. Some of the big names include Vivid, Bang Bros, Reality Kings and many more. Everybody knows Ann Marie Rios and her sweet nature makes her compatible with the porn biz. Being a true Latina, she has the sultry looks and the amazing accent. Both these skills are utilized in her scenes as she makes an impact on screen. Being a veteran does not come just like that and Ann Marie Rios  has done a lot of hard work to achieve this spot. Latin division is proud to have Ann Marie Rios and she deserves to be at 2nd position on the Best Latina Pornstars List.

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1) Diamond Kitty

Diamond KittyFrom Naughty America to Reality Kings, everyone is a die-hard fan of the reigning supreme hottest Latina of the world named Diamond Kitty. Being hot is just naturally simple for her as she passes all the headliners with her stunning body and her amazing assets. Drop dead gorgeous with a Latin touch in every way, Diamond Kitty is a personal favorite of many high profile names in the porn biz. Her real name is Sujay Marie Gutierrez with perfect 34-26-36 vital stats. Born at El Malecón, Cuba, Diamond Kitty is all about action.

Her famous scenes include her anal spread, cum shots, single play laundry dirty shoot, girl on girl action and some of the hottest domicile acts on puba.com links. Her long Latina face with a super sexy mole on her upper lip area makes her desirable for anyone. Girls want to be like her and guys just drool over her. She is the Hottest and holds the number 1 spot of Hottest Latina Beauties of all time. Not much has been known about her personally but she has been actively taking the porn biz with stunner like her latest video “Blow”. Her single moves make it larger than life for every porn lover and being a Latina Stunner she knows how to capture your interest. Diamond Kitty does not need any introduction for those who know about the porn world highlights. Bigger names like Vivid, Wicked, Evil Angel, Bang Bros, and many more lined up. She enjoys the porn biz and says, “I am just a player and would love to spread my hot fever across the globe”. Diamond Kitty gives some amazing HD slots which make her one of the highest paid Pornstars in the world as well as the Hottest Latina Girl on this Planet at Number 1.

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